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American artist Claes Oldenburg born created works of art which were a wonderful blend of reality and fantasy. Oldenburg’s artistic success was due in part to his irreverent humor and incisive social commentary. He took objects from the everyday world such as typewriters, lipstick, a flashlight; lifted them out of their usual context; and forced viewers to reassess their preconceptions about the objects. Because his father was a member of the Swedish foreign service, Claes and his family moved often. From to the Oldenburgs resided in New York , and from to they lived in Oslo, Norway. In the family moved to Chicago, where Oldenburg’s father served as consul general of Sweden. While at Yale, his studies focused on literature and art. In Oldenburg returned to Chicago, where he remained until He worked as an apprentice reporter at the City News Bureau and from to took classes in painting, figure drawing, and anatomy at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. In Oldenburg moved to New York City and became an active member of that city’s thriving young artistic community.

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An exhibition of rarely exhibited early drawings by Claes Oldenburg will be on view at the Paula Cooper Gallery from 14 February through 16 March, The selection of drawings on view will consist of early landscape studies and nude studies, street scenes, Store drawings and monoprints from the Ray Gun series. On the other hand, the zany streetscapes populated with passersby and storefronts brimming with merchandise register the expansion of urban consumer culture the artist experienced at a direct level after moving to New York in Oldenburg established himself in the beginning of the s with a number of installations and performances such as The Street and The Store The Store drawings on view, which were shown at the Green Gallery, relate to the plaster sculptures that were made for that installation based on the environment of neighborhood shops.

Important art by Claes Oldenburg with artwork analysis, influences, resemble a 7 and 6 (in accordance with the date of the commission, ’76).

A small rural city of , residents founded on agricultural industries, Oldenburg is a historically conservative place, infamous for being the first German region to vote the National Socialists into parliament in That traditional atmosphere has changed greatly since the s, due in part to the founding of the Carl von Ossietzky University, and Oldenburg has become quite a liberal and culturally lively place in recent decades.

Russ was a woman with a strong vision for the new museum, one that came with a number of requirements. She died in and stipulated in her will that the gallery must be opened on 1 January , or not at all. This is work that is provocatively out of step with its current setting in rural Oldenburg. The poetry-reciting lizard is interspersed with abstract morphing images generated by yet another machine-learning system, this time trained on psychedelic rock posters, LSD blotter art and the sacred geometry often used in the marketing of nootropics.

Blas, after all, is an artist who explores the darker and more disturbing regions of contemporary online culture. These and other images produced by Blas seem to slither up from the depths of our digital unconscious. Schwierin claims the museum is chiefly interested in addressing the wider social impact of media and technology and artists like Blas and Takala clearly respond to that imperative.

The Doors video still; , Zach Blas.

How a small German city became a leading home for new media art

Claes Oldenburg born January 28, is an American sculptor , best known for his public art installations typically featuring large replicas of everyday objects. Another theme in his work is soft sculpture versions of everyday objects. Many of his works were made in collaboration with his wife, Coosje van Bruggen , who died in ; they had been married for 32 years.

The Swedish American artist–subject of “Claes Oldenburg: An matter for my art are often a bit out of date–the first vacuum cleaner I made.

Art is a funny thing. It can be at once obvious, obscure, beautiful and bizarre. But in the hands of Pop artist Claes Oldenburg, master of small things made bigger and hard things made softer, it can also be hilarious. Was Oldenburg looking for laughs back in when he drew up plans to replace Chicago’s Navy Pier with a spoon? Probably not. He’s no comedian: “My single-minded aim is to give existence to fantasy,” he has said. But never mind; it’s pure delight to come upon his humongous spoon in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

The foot-long utensil cradles a 1,pound maraschino cherry that sprays a cascade of water from its stem. Since , Oldenburg and his wife, art historian and artist Coosje van Bruggen, have conspired to bring really big sculptures of really ordinary things to public places. Their new book, Large-Scale Projects Monacelli Press , celebrates their collaborative efforts with an extraordinary collection of images.

Oldenburg has also produced dozens of drawings of what he calls his “non-feasible” sculptures; a selection of these and other works is now on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. One sculpture he actually built is the foot-tall Flashlight , which rises over the campus of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. It caused quite a stir in on its cross-country trip from the Connecticut foundry where it was made. Truck driver “Red” Morgan constantly fielded the same basic question on his CB radio from fellow drivers: “What the devil are you hauling?

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Oldenburg was established in after the Grand Duke Frederick Augustus two was renounced following the German Revolution. It is currently located in lower Saxony and at the Rivers Hunte and Haaren from which it gains its importance due to the navigability of Hunter River. Its capital is in Wildeshausen. Due to administration reorganization, it has transitioned from a German State, Countship, duchy, great duchy and state before becoming an administrative district. The city hosts the house of Oldenburg which has ruled Greece, Norway, and Russian among others.

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Judd Foundation has temporarily closed. Learn more. Claes Oldenburg b. Born in Stockholm, Claes Oldenburg moved to Chicago with his family in , where he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago from to He relocated to New York in , where he became a key figure in performance art and Happenings. Out of The Store , Oldenburg sold commonplace objects such as ice cream, cigarettes, hats, and shoes rendered out of chicken wire covered by muslin soaked in plaster, which was then painted.

Oldenburg applied enamel paint straight from the can in individual layers. Items ran from twenty-five dollars to over eight hundred. This store will be constantly supplied with new objects which I will create out of plaster and other materials in the rear half of the place. Judd Foundation site links Judd Foundation has temporarily closed.

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Contemporary Art , Pop Art. Balloons, from The Landfall Press 30th House Ball with Fallen Toy Bear ,

19, by Bruce Hooton, for the Archives of American Art. Oldenburg speaks of started in to document the history of the visual arts in the United States.

Trowel II , Donald M. Exhibition catalogue. Home Individual Biographies Top of Page. We feel free to use all the approaches that come naturally to our non-monumental works: variations in scale, similes, transformations, a wide range of materials, and, of course, our use of familiar objects. We want to communicate with the public but on our own terms, even if the images are stereotypical.

Our dialogue, which leads to the definition of a project, may take place anywhere, but we usually make decisions in our studio where we are surrounded by objects, models, notes, and drawings from the recent past and present, stimulated, whenever possible, by recollected observations of a site. We work our way through one image after another in words and sketches, testing them in models that can serve as the starting point of fabrication in large scale.

Italo Calvino talks about “a field of analogies, symmetries, confrontations. Working together supposes an almost complete understanding of the other, an impossibility in any case, so instead we choose a unity of opposites, a convergence of our different dynamics, of symmetry and asymmetry, of acceleration or implied speed and stillness, of a polychrome and monochrome palette, gravity and lightness — all interrelating and interchangeable elements to be used by either one of us.

Juxtaposed or superimposed, the components are put together into an image through a dialogue between us that proceeds like a game of Ping-Pong, to and fro, toward its ultimate crystallization, first into a sketch and then into a three-dimensional study or a model, a process of using the senses rather than analysis, in sharp contrast to the rational fabrication phase that follows.

Coosje van Bruggen: The predilection for deliberate, improvisatory primitiveness, the recovery of the inherent nature of materials or of the magic of a previous life present in a bundle of ancient burlap, for example, turn the studio into a state of flux, a place that is a source of images changing into other, equivalent ones.

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L-R Scarface and Aphrodite, E. Photography by Sheldan C. One of the most innovative artists of the postwar period, Claes Oldenburg b. These and other early sculptures are complemented by several dozen works on paper by Oldenburg and by Oldenburg with van Bruggen.

Jul 25, – Claes Oldenburg: The Sixties — This is the largest exhibition to date to focus on the early work of one of Pop’s most widely admired artists.

Overall: Oldenburg is known for creating artworks that reinterpret the quotidian objects that make up our everyday lives in a variety of sizes and materials, whether they are truly banal, bizarre, or curiously appealing. The information about this object, including provenance information, is based on historic information and may not be currently accurate or complete. Research on objects is an ongoing process, but the information about this object may not reflect the most current information available to CMA.

If you notice a mistake or have additional information about this object, please email collectionsdata clevelandart. To request more information about this object, study images, or bibliography, contact the Ingalls Library Reference Desk.

Oral history interview with Claes Oldenburg, 1965 Feb. 19

An former royal seat in Lower Saxony, Oldenburg has a legacy left by generations of counts, dukes and grand dukes. The tremendous art collections of the Grand Dukes of Oldenburg awaits you across three resplendent properties. The church goes back to the 12th century, but by the end of the 18th century had become dilapidated and was rebuilt in the s and 80s with Brick Neo-Gothic architecture.

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Taking as his muse forms from everyday life–toilets, musical instruments, food, appliances–Oldenburg transforms the small and insignificant into the huge and monumental. The visual equivalent of a conspiratorial elbow in the ribs, it is very viewer-friendly work. He has also completed 26 large-scale public sculptures in collaboration with his wife of 18 years, Dutch art historian Coosje van Bruggen.

The elder of two sons born to a Swedish consular official, Oldenburg lived in Sweden until he was 7, when the family settled in Chicago. It had more to do with the fact that my interests were different from the interests of most boys I knew. For instance, my younger brother and I invented elaborately detailed imaginary worlds. His was called Humbolt and mine was Neubern, and I did lots of drawings describing this country–what kinds of trains, cars and airplanes they had, how the people dressed and so forth.

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Claes Oldenburg b. A leading voice of the Pop art movement, Oldenburg came to prominence in the New York art scene of the late s and early s, where he established himself with a series of installations and performances influenced by his surroundings on the Lower East Side. Moving from early environments such as The Street , The Store , and Bedroom Ensemble , Oldenburg then developed a series of soft sculptures, created with the participation with his first wife Patty Mucha.

These took as subjects ordinary, everyday objects, often enlarged, as did a series of fantastic proposals for civic monuments. His accumulation of studio miscellany eventually took form as the Mouse Museum and Ray Gun Wing —77 , which pioneered collection and display as forms of art.

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Format : Originally recorded on 1 sound tape reel. Reformatted in as 1 digital wav file. Duration is 57 min. Summary : An interview of Claes Oldenburg conducted Feb. Oldenburg speaks of recording his dreams; studying at the Art Institute of Chicago and Yale; his interest in writing and poetry; participating in and creating his own “Happenings;” working at the Cooper Union Museum Library; influences of Abstract Expressionism on his work; meaning behind his work and the procedure for creating it; his role as an artist “outside” many artist groups.

These interviews are part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and others. The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with Claes Oldenburg on February The reader should bear in mind that he or she is reading a transcript of spoken, rather than written, prose.

This is a rough transcription that may include typographical errors. He did some rather eccentric things that would be remembered. It just happened that my mother was at home in Stockholm and my father was here.

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